Save on energy.

When you show Mercury a recent price your electricity supplier is offering you, they will either meet or beat that price. And then fix the price of your energy at that very competitive rate, so you’ll continue to make savings over the next two years.

Special deal also available to existing Mercury business customers.

Talk to Mercury Energy today to find out how much your business can save on the cost of electricity at your sites in the greater Auckland region, Northland, Taranaki and Dunedin.

The ‘Chamber & Mercury Meet or Beat Energy Deal’ (“Deal”) Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Deal is an offer by Mercury (“Mercury”) to either match or better another electricity supplier’s ‘as at today’ offer of pricing.
  2. The Deal is available to Members (“Members”) who meet all of the following terms:
    a. persons who are Members of the following Chambers of Commerce: Auckland, Northland, Otago, and Taranaki;
    b. persons who remain Members for the term of the Fixed Price Agreement as set out in clause 3 (subject to verification of your membership) and if you cease to be a Member you will move to Mercury’s standard rates;
    c. for the supply of electricity to commercial premises/sites in:
    i. the greater Auckland region (where your local lines company is either Vector, United Networks, or Counties Power), or
    ii. the Northland region (where your local lines company is either Northpower or Top Energy), or
    iii. Dunedin (where your local lines company is Aurora Energy) or
    iv. the Taranaki region (where your local lines company is Powerco); 
    d. Members who are not already on a Fixed Price Agreement with Mercury; and
    e. Members who provide Mercury with: 
    i. your most recent bill if you are not already on a fixed price contract, or
    ii. a written quote not more than 14 days old from another electricity supplier if you are on a fixed price contract that’s not with Mercury.
  3. You must sign a two year Fixed Price Agreement with Mercury, where your Energy Charges are fixed (at the agreed Meet or Beat price). However Mercury reserves the right to pass on any changes to: the GST rate; the forecast effect on the price of energy of any future changes to the Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme; Service Fees (see; and changes to Other Charges, which are made up of distribution and other lines company charges, and government imposed taxes, fees and/or levies.
  4. The Deal may not be combined with any of Mercury’s other partnership plans.
  5. At Mercury’s discretion, they may withdraw from offering the Deal, in which case the Deal will expire at the end of your two year Fixed Price Agreement with Mercury.
  6. This Agreement is also subject to Mercury's Standard Terms and Conditions for Business Customers, which is available at

 0800 20 18 20