Below is our submission on behalf of Ignite Wanaka Chamber of Commerce in regard to the current consultation around Representation Review and specifically the review of the Wanaka Ward councillors, boundaries and Wanaka Community Board.

We surveyed our members and the below is the key highlights. It is important to also consider the comments for each question. A full link to the comments and survey can be found here.

Summary: Those who responded to the survey generally found that way QLDC hs posed the questions to be confusing, specifically regarding whether Wanaka should increase its representation from 3 to 4 and whether this is proposed instead of, or as well as maintaining the Wanaka Community Board.

The majority of people who submitted (18 submissions) believed that a fourth councillor for the Upper Clutha Ward was required and in addition to keeping the Wanaka Community Board but with increased. Some respondents also called for a fifth councillor to represent the fast-growing Hawea community.