Tuesday, 31st March, 2020

Ignite Wanaka Board member Claire Dooney, also owner of Leafcutter Business Support, tells us about her life under Alert Level 4 

Who are your new co-workers and staff? (children are co-workers and pets are staff) 😊

This hasn't changed for me. With operating a virtual business, I still connect with Leafcutter’s amazing contractors regularly. I’ve always balanced work and family, but now having the kids full time and Adam working from home adds a new dimension. 🤪

What's the most positive thing about lockdown? 

Concentrated time with the family. HA!

Ability to tick those business tasks off the list that never get done. For me, backing up my computer and electronic filing of documents! Creating a business LinkedIn profile and writing blogs for the website. Yip, it's still on the list!

What's the most challenging?

Not having the structure and routine as before. It’s changed but also in a positive way. For example, having a coffee (or two) in the mornings with Adam on the front porch listening to the quietness is awesome!

What's your "new norm"?

  • Sleep ins - I totally deserve this!
  • Preparing dinner in the middle of the day.
  • Chatting to our friendly neighbours.
  • Going on a bear hunt 🐻
  • Exercising in the back yard.

What's your top tip for staying mentally and physically healthy?

For me personally this is reading my book and having time for myself each day. Heading outside for a run/walk or joining a local online fitness community to stay motivated and connected with like-minded people.

What's the best thing businesses can do right now to help with recovery after covid-19?

Establishing employee wellbeing programmes and policies that support a safe working environment. This will help build employee confidence when returning back to work.