Thursday, 15th July, 2021

The Chambers of Commerce annually conduct the New Kiwis Employer Survey, which details the feedback of New Zealand employers around issues and opportunities in employing migrants in their workplaces. The annual New Kiwis Employer Survey is designed to elicit ‘real life’ feedback reflecting their experiences when recruiting and employing migrants both on and offshore. The survey results are now out and the survey was circulated to Ignite Wanaka members.

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Participants surveyed were employers who had used the website, members of the Auckland and National Regional Chambers of Commerce and businesses who had responded to the marketing relating to the Employer Survey 2021. The survey took place between the 15th
February and 26th March 2021. Eight hundred and sixty five (865) employers responded to the survey overall which is a positive response rate, and gives a margin of error of +/- 4%. This is the eighth year the Auckland Business Chamber has conducted this national survey on behalf
of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and results are compared on previous years.