Thursday, 28th October, 2021

Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake

Ignite Wanaka is a proud supporter of the Pride Pledge and the team has just launched an exciting new diagnostic tool - The Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake.

Find out more below, and get your workplace signed up! This is suitable for all organisations on their Rainbow Inclusion Journey's wanting to make a difference.

What is the stocktake?
The Stocktake is a powerful self-evaluation tool to take ‘stock’ of your organisation’s progress in rainbow visibility, support and inclusion. In just 30 minutes through a simple on-line survey, you can accurately assess where your workplace is at in your rainbow inclusion journey, generate invaluable data, and start to plan for future action and improvements.

The report
When you submit your survey, the Pride Pledge team gets to work generating a detailed report based on the data gathered. This report acts as a benchmark from which to review your progress against other organisations as well as your own progress in future with a ‘stake in the ground’. In this assessment, you’ll receive;

  • An overall Rainbow Diversity and Inclusion Score
  • A visual summary of your stocktake results
  • A Traffic Light Matrix of all your results
  • An easy to complete action plan
  • A debrief meeting with one of the Pride Pledge team to discuss any queries about the results, and to start to plan further actions for improvement.

From there, the Pride Pledge crew are available for policy consultation to guide you on your next steps.

An example of a visual representation of Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake results. 

Your Score
This report also generates an Rainbow Diversity and Inclusion Score for your organisation based on your survey result

This score will place you within three 3 ‘benchmarks’ levels of progress;

  1. Foundational
  2. Advancing
  3. Leading

What's Assessed
We take stock of your organisation’s practices in the following 7 categories;

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and purpose
  • Employee engagement and involvement
  • Policy and practices
  • Training and development
  • External engagement
  • Measurement and reporting

Who made the tool?
The Stocktake is the brainchild of Pride Pledge Director Martin King: a New Zealand based HR and Diversity & Inclusion leader with more than 25 years working with organisations. In addition to Martin’s wealth of experience, the Stocktake was built using up-to-date global and local research on rainbow inclusion in the workplace.

Why do the stocktake?
A diverse workplace is a strong and happy one. Your commitment to the celebration of all people in your organisation has many benefits including improvement in;

  • Employee engagement, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Employee attraction and retention
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Profitability and shareholder value

The cost of this service varies by the size of our organisation or the level of service you’d like to engage. Please note that for large organisations, customised pricing and reporting options are available.

Sign up now!
To book your Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake, please contact The team at South Pacific Pride Ltd. are excited to announce the integration of this exciting new diagnostic tool into our existing practice and we hope to work with you soon.

Any other questions - just shout!
Can’t wait to work with you all in the coming year. 
Thank you,