Thursday, 3rd September, 2020

Ignite Wanaka and Mount Aspiring College to take Pride Pledge

3 September, 2020

Wanaka has taken a step towards more diversity and inclusion in the community with the launch of the Wanaka and Upper Clutha Pride Pledge today (September 3, 2020).

Initiated by Ignite Wanaka Chamber of Commerce and Mt Aspiring College (MAC) and working in partnership with Pride Pledge Aotearoa, the local business and secondary school communities have agreed to work towards increasing visibility, inclusion and safety for LGBTTQ+ people in the community, whether residents or those who or are visiting.

Ignite Wanaka and MAC will take the Pride Pledge with Pride Pledge founder Martin King on Thursday, September 3, at a special assembly held at MAC.

Ignite Wanaka executive officer Naomi Lindsay says: “The Pride Pledge has gained real momentum in Queenstown and other areas across New Zealand and we felt it was an important step to take the pledge and lead our business community into embracing diversity on a number of levels.

“By taking the Pride Pledge, it will help our workplaces and communities become more empathetic towards issues around gender and sexuality by assisting people to build awareness and understanding.Through understanding diversity and embracing and welcoming different thinking, we can have more insightful and productive conversations about the issues and opportunities that impact our community,” Lindsay adds.

MAC acting principal Dean Sheppard says: “As a school we are proud to be associated with the Pride Pledge and are taking continual, positive steps to ensure our campus is a safe place for all members of the LGBTTQ+ community. At MAC we celebrate diversity, and this term we are making considerable time investment in professional development for our staff, as well as continuing to bring pride awareness to the forefront for our students.”

Pride Pledge founder Martin King – also director of Winter Pride, which takes place in Queenstown at at Cardrona Alpine Resort this week – says he’s thrilled that both the Wanaka college and business communities have come on board.

“I am delighted to be able to be here in person to mark this important milestone in Wanaka, and the lasting impact this will have on inclusion in the region,” King says.

From September, Wanaka will be added as a Pride Pledge town here and all businesses, organisations and individuals who take the Pledge will be listed online to show their support and inclusivity.

A Wanaka Pride Pledge launch will be held later this year with Mayoress Karen Boult, who is the patron, along with pledged businesses and the LGBTTQ+ community.



An image will be taken on the day at MAC and supplied via a download link.

About the Wanaka and Upper Clutha Pride Pledge         

The practical aim of the Pride Pledge is to provide opportunities for the LGBBTTQ+ community to connect regularly through hosted events, as well as working with founder Marty King to educate businesses and the community around inclusivity through learning lunches, workshops and events. In 2021, Winter Pride also hopes to engage Wanaka businesses more for the annual event.

The Pride Pledge involves a commitment to: That all LGBTTQ+ people should have the freedom to be safe, healthy and visible. We will use our voice and influence to support visibility, safety, tolerance, love, diversity and inclusion of all LGBTTQ+ people.

Businesses wanting to take the pledge can visit or they can contact Martin if interested in workplace consulting, advisory or workshops.

For more information please contact:

Naomi Lindsay, Executive Officer, Ignite Wanaka Chamber
P: 021 942 502