Monday, 3rd February, 2020

With the floods in December, the West Coast access road closed regularly since then, a quieter Christmas period for domestic tourism, Australian fires impacting travel and the economy, Brexit, an already predicted slowing in tourism and now Coronavirus, there's a lot of incidents hitting the TV headlines at the moment.

As a business owner or manager, it could be easy for you to start to panic about the impacts on your business. Some of you will have felt the impacts of some of these incidents already, some of you will have your own market issues to consider, and many of you will be yet to feel the impact. We also don't yet know the medium to long term impacts of these events.

We are working closely together with Lake Wanaka Tourism to ensure we are assisting businesses that need help, providing tools and information to help people plan and understanding the impact these events may be having on your business today. The tools below are super helpful as a start, but the important thing to remember is not to panic and make rash decisions today that may impact your long term profitability down the line.

If you need help, please call out to either LWT or Ignite and we can ensure you get the help you need to plan for the future and have a resilient, sustainable business.

Later this year we will be running a workshop for Ignite and LWT members with Dr Erica Seville, a leading expert in the field of resilience and Executive Director of Resilient Organisations - who consult to help communities and organisations improve their resilience.

In the meantime Erica has provided links to a number of free resources. See below: 

FREE Resources (the below are all hyperlinked-just click)

Striving Through -  Managing your business through a crisis:

Shut Happens – Resilience for small businesses:

Cover your Assets: A guide to commercial insurance

Other resources that might be useful for your businesses in the midst of managing disruption is their series of quick start guides:

Leading in a crisis
Looking after your people during adversity

For a full listing of the available guides click here


 Coronavirus - A reminder that the only official source of information is below.

The Ministry of Health website is your best source of information for situation updates and the latest advice click here

The Ministry of Health has produced a fact sheet for travellers. Available here

At local level, if a case of coronavirus is suspected, operators or travellers should contact local district health board public health units which are staffed 24 hours (03) 476 9800. 

If cancellations to travel due to coronavirus are having a significant impact on your business, it would be extremely helpful if you could continue to share that information with TIA who can then collate and assess the situation at a national level: