Stephanie Holloway is known for her work in communication and body language - what you may not know, is that for the past year she has been researching how multi generational aspects affect communication, life, work, and family. 

Now in a series of three fascinating and insightful virtual sessions you can get the edge, and inside scoop on the timeline and traits of each generation, how they influence and show up in the workplace, and what the future holds for all of us. You can become.......a Genterpreter®
Each session is just $25 and is a live training event for an hour.

Session #1 The Multi Generational World on Saturday 26th September has been especially planned for a Saturday to appeal to parents and others who may not be able to watch in work time. This is the foundation block for the other sessions, but if all you attend is this first one you will have increased your knowledge and awareness. 

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Session #2 The Multi Generational Workplace on Tuesday 20th October will be a wake up call for some, validation for others, and new information to many. It explains why situations happen in the workplace that we often put down to other things, instead of attributing them to a generational thing. It looks at how we view and value the traits of each generation, get the best out of people, and use reverse mentoring as a way to capture and harness valuable skills and talent. 

Session #3 The Multi Generational Future on Tuesday 17th November is the final piece of the puzzle. A look at what the future has in store for us as the Boomer generation exits the workforce, Gen X prepares to do whatever they want to do, which may include not working until 65! Millennials by that time will make up 75% of the workforce, and will change the workplace forever. Gen Z and Generation Alpha will change the way we think, recruit and work. 

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Stephanie has been running a multi generational poll as part of her research on the Elemental Potential website since August 2019. If you would like to take part anonymously go to:


Saturday, 26th September, 2020 to Tuesday, 17th November, 2020
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.