Between 2022-2026 the biggest workplace transition in our lifetime is taking place. The most prolific generation of an era – Boomers, will be leaving the workforce, and Gen X will not necessarily want to step up into their shoes. Stephanie Holloway of Elemental Potential feels an urgency to help New Zealand, and global businesses prepare for this transition. And, with this in mind her focus for 2022 and 2023 will be the Genterpreter® sessions.

Stephanie highly recommends that you get started on this journey in 2022 so that you can forward plan, ask the right questions, and begin the work needed to arrive at 2026 with both the exiting and remaining people feeling assured and positive about what is coming next for them personally, and your business.

High performing, successful businesses have always known that communication and people are the key to everything that makes a business spectacular. These sessions are real time relevant, and future time collateral.

VIRTUAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS. Delivered in 45 minute blocks over 4 weeks 

Time: 10.00am - 10:45am - Meeting link sent prior to workshop.

Session 1 - 4 August - Genterpreter® General snapshot of Generations. Generational preferences, expectations, and how each adds value to the workplace. Tactics to avoid stereotyping.

Session 2 - 11 August Genterpreter®. The Attitude Adjustment – how to relate and conversate across generations. Finding ways to work/communicate together and understand each other more across generations.

Session 3 - 18 August  Genterpreter® Transition to 2026 and beyond. How do you get from where you are now to 2026 and beyond? What do you need to do, how will it affect your people and business? How do you leverage your talent between now and then? Ready to find out?

Session 4 - 25 August Genterpreter® How do we attract, retain, manage and motivate multi-generations? This session is designed for your leaders/managers of people (or future leaders), training and development team, and recruitment decision makers.

Extra session just for Millennial Viewpoint 

Note: please register for this Millennial Viewpoint separately by clicking here.

Session 5 - 1 September - Millennial Viewpoint This session is designed JUST for Millennials. Send the Millennials in your team, and see what they come back with in ideas for your business growth and sustainability. New business ideas, new ways of working, promotions. Millennials are your future. Now is the time to listen. 

What you and your team will get out of the Genterpreter® sessions:

– The ability to connect and conversate across multiple generations

– Know what makes them tick

– What motivates them

– How to really communicate with them

– How to get the best out of them

 These sessions take everyone along on the journey. It’s a new era. The era of the ‘Human-Centred’ workplace. The era of social awareness and considering the ‘whole’ person. New generations, new era, new world! See the old world, but don’t live in it. The universe only works in one way….forward!

Investment: Members $260 incl GST. Non Members $340 incl GST (includes the 4 workshops over 4 weeks).

This course is currently being reviewed by Regional Business Partners and funding maybe available under the scheme. Please enquire to Rachelle on for an update or mention the course to your RBP advisor.

Thursday, 4th August, 2022
10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.
Single Ticket (Member) incl GST:
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